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Faye Waterman Radio Presenter presents

Find the Magic in Your Voice

Do you want to be heard, not be that echo in the background?

Are you a want to be speaker, a want to be author, a want to be entrepreneur who needs your voice to heard, a business owner that needs to connect with your clients,?

Do you have that feeling of not being good enough, not smart enough, not intelligent enough, that fear of judgment, are you feeling stupid and dumb and so it goes on?

Are you ready to find that magic in your voice that will bring out the best in you? What you have inside you already is enough!

Learn strategies that will help you understand ways to UNCOVER, UNLOCK and UNLEASH your POWER WITHIN.

What are you hiding from, finding your voice will bring out the best in you!

Come join me for my half day workshop 

‘Find The Magic In Your Voice’. 

Be that Voice, not that Echo 

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face” Eleanor Roosevelt


Ways to increase AWARENESS of your inner self

Begin to uncover your PURPOSE, PASSION, and POSSIBILITIES

Identify your HABITS 

Understand why you continue to get the same results over and over

Learning strategies to change your old habits and create new ones

Build a healthier mind and body

Look at ways to create a better ATTITUDE

Understand why CERTAINTY, CLARITY, and COURAGE are important

Much more…

Reserve your ticket now and begin the journey of finding that magic in your voice.

Refreshments are available;

As a Coach and Mentor, I give you strategies to find your magic in your voice.

You will receive a complimentary 

30-Minute Coaching Session with Faye valued at $197

Opportunity to be on ‘A Conversation with Faye’ radio show or 

Opportunity to be on ‘Conversations Unplugged’ live on Social Media