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World Class Teams presents

Mastering the Art & Science of Critical Conversations - A Dynamic Workshop for Women in Logistics - MELBOURNE

By popular demand after the success of the "Women in Logistics Forum" and workshops last year, Freight Trade Alliance and World Class Teams are excited to bring you the 2019 series of workshops. These will be delivered by Diana Tapp from World Class Teams. The first in the series is ‘Mastering the Art & Science of Critical Conversations’.

People tend to be great at the easy 80% of their conversations. These are the conversations where you deliver ‘good news’ to your team, your manager or your customers or where you are responding to positive feedback.

Most of us, however, are NOT great at the difficult 20% of our conversations. These are the situations where the standard of work is less than you expected, where deadlines are not met, where the person’s attitude is negative. Where tasks do get done, but the way in which they get done causes friction or conflict.

The fact is that it is this 20% of your conversations that has the biggest impact, on your levels of stress and on the level of your personal performance and the level of performance of your team and the business.

In this workshop, you will discover the 5 steps to having critical conversations with ease and skill, ensuring you achieve the desired result in every conversation. 


"Mastering the Art & Science of Critical Conversations" is a workshop for people who want to:

  • Behave and speak with integrity in difficult/conflict situations

  • Manage your emotions in the "5% moments" when the stakes are high

  • Learn how to get the outcome you want AND keep people "on board"

  • Successfully handle critical conversations with people who are junior and senior to you


  • How to give honest feedback without needing to be worried about the persons' reaction

  • How to manage your emotions in stressful situations

  • How to resolve disagreements or complaints with genuine agreement

  • Stop avoiding difficult situations or doing "work arounds"

  • How to handle critical conversations with confidence and skill


  • Coffee & tea on arrival

  • Dynamic 3-hour workshop

  • Coffee, nibbles, conversation and networking after the event

This event is limited to only 40 places, so get in quickly to secure your seat!

BOOK YOUR TICKETS by clicking on the green "Tickets" button above, or for more information please call Ramsina McCully from World Class Teams on 1300 085 248.